Ten Letters from UT President Jacobs


UT President Lloyd Jacobs wasted no time responding to the ten letters we delivered just days ago. Dr. Jacobs told us that he enjoyed hearing directly from students and thanked us for including him in this exercise.IMG_1291_1

Each student received a lengthy hand-written reply from the president on  university stationary.

Dr. Jacobs told the committee that he was particularly moved by student letters sharing concerns about the “oppressive” costs to earn a college degree, and high-prices of textbooks.

He also shared frustration with a student who, like he, is a vegetarian and has difficulty finding more than a few menu items on campus.

Ten Letters to UT President Lloyd Jacobs

The Composition Common Read committee met this week to select ten letters students wrote to UT President Lloyd Jacobs.IMG_1293

President Obama receives his letters each Sunday morning in a purple folder. We delivered our student letters to  Dr. Jacobs in a blue folder bearing the university logo.

Dr. Jacobs will be reading and answering his letters this week. Faculty will deliver his hand-written responses to the students in class.