Reminder! Shapiro Writing Competition

Faculty: Don’t Forget!

Remember to tell your students about the Shapiro Essay Contest and to encourage them to submit their best work.

Any piece written for an English course from January 2016 to the contest deadline of March 15, 2017  is eligible for cash awards.

Students may enter papers and projects on topics inspired by our Common Read text in two categories: Common Read Research and Common Read Non-Research. The Non-Research category includes multi-media and digital pieces.

Early Birds Can Submit Now

Students in Fall semester may wish to submit now through March 17, 2017 at 5 pm.

Submission Guidelines

Students should submit hard copies to the submission baskets already set up in the English Department office, FH 1500. No electronic submissions are accepted (except in New Media categories).

Electronic entries in the Common Read New Media category must be submitted by the instructor to the SHAPIRO 2017 DROP BOX in the Common Read Blackboard course. Hard copy submissions of both Common Read Research and Non-Research Writing should be submitted in the appropriate basket in FH 1500.

Please remind students to fill out the cover sheet completely when submitting their writing.  A copy of the cover sheet is attached to this email, and copies are also available on the contest submission tables in the department office. Information provided on the cover sheet is important for accurate judging and for notification of prizes!

Questions? Contact Suzanne Smith at