Common Read Text Selection Criteria

  • Corresponds to the Composition Learning Outcomes: Facilitates the teaching of writing. Is an example of real-world writing, allows for discussion of a writer’s choices, yet is flexible enough to fit a wide-range of instructor goals/themes.
  • Prompts reflection, inquiry, critical thinking, and interdisciplinary discussion.
  • Presents moral, ethical, and/or controversial dilemmas, without being overly ideological.
  • Draws connections between and/or invites comparisons between local and global contexts. Broadens the reader’s understanding of the world.
  • Has some element of “entertainment” value, without being glib or aphoristic.
  • Allows for multi-modal activity development–The creation of visual, aural, and digital texts.
  • Allows for some supplementary programming (topical speaker, discussion groups, thematic film festival, etc…)